Rogachev Museum of People's Glory

The museum, which is historical by profile, was founded in 1962. A new exhibition in the other building was opened for the public on 2 July 2000. The museum has the halls of archaeology, historical past, rural life, the Great Patriotic War, fellow writers, urban life, the Great October Revolution and present times. Among the most significant national projects, there was the first Kaplan International Readings (2011), dedicated to the life and work of the renowned graphic artist Anatoly Kaplan. The number of exhibits in the main fund is 27,710 items, and the research additional fund is 16,385 items. "Archaeology", "Numismatics", "Icons", "Ancient Printed Editions", "Kaplan's Works" are the most significant collections of the museum. The Ringraph of the Bar Confederation in 1768, the book "Complete Acts of the Apostles" (the 17th century), the bracelet (the 13th century), the manuscript book "History of Roman Law" (1886), the crescent (the 4th — 6th century), original works by Anatoly Kaplan are the most valuable among the unique items of the museum fund. Museum has a branch in the village of Ilyich.

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